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Mission Statement : “To make a high standard of performing arts education accessible to all people.”

Fireworks DDTA operates an engaging, enlightening curriculum that is founded on creative education. The company is based on a European approach to learning. Therefore, we do not offer grades and do not participate in solo competitions.  After extensive research on global syllabus exercises and structure, workshops have been designed to deliver a high technical requisite of graded criteria that is not exclusionary and entirely nurturing.

Our curriculum is focused on encouraging every individual child to                                        With this as our motto, a child centred pedagogy is strongly rooted in our education system. For this reason, places are limited to 10 per workshop. Students are given one to one support and encouragement in the development of their chosen subject of study, as well as training to meet the technical demands of an ensemble.

Fireworks DDTA is a place where those who wish to pursue a professional career in Performing Arts are given the foundation of a strong technical requisite and a full, realistic understanding of the demands of the industry. Those who wish to explore performing arts for their own personal gains and advancement are equally welcomed and supported. Emotional nurturing and personal development is core to our learning environment.

We are, by name and by culture, a ‘Dance, Drama and Theatre Academy’. Throughout the year, students are given multiple opportunities to explore other subjects of study. Students are taught to know and understand the fertile design of disciplines that makes a well rounded performer and inspirational artist. For example, when the opportunity arises ballet students are expected to take advantage of poetry workshops, Hip Hop students are expected to participate in drama workshops, etc. All members of the organisation are encouraged to develop their knowledge, understanding and practice of Theatre Craft and Performance.

As well as physical practice and training, dance education also serves as a core element to our programme. In addition to the scientific knowledge of the body and movement disciplines, students learn and research the historical, social, economic, cultural relevance of their chosen subject as well as studying leading practitioners and performers.

For further detail on the technical specifications of each discipline on the Fireworks DDTA curriculum, click on the ‘Classes’ tab above.

Fireworks DDTA’s yearly calendar is packed with education programmes, creative projects and courses, performance opportunities, community festivals and much more. For further detail on our Calendar of Events/ Scheduled programmes, click on the  ‘Calendar’ tab above.

Fireworks DDTA was founded in 2010 by Artistic Director Nadine Sweeney. After intense training, extensive education and a travelled professional career, Nadine created and continues to implement the Company’s curriculum through weekly workshops and annual events.

Nadine comments:

‘Designing the curriculum was fairly straightforward, the principles are basic common sense, and it’s never solid. It’s flexible, adaptable, honest and it’s exciting! Implementing the curriculum is even simpler, it permits a natural, non hierarchical relationship between participants and facilitator which allows us to work together on equal terms with a mutual respect. This type of relationship gives birth to the most amazing creative ideas for pieces of work and produces incredible results in all areas of technical development.

The biggest challenge has been and continues to be, developing an understanding and appreciation of this type of learning in a culture where standardised tests, damaging methods and a product orientated mentality prevail – But we are rising to this challenge! And we are meeting our social and cultural aims and objectives with more precise accuracy with every project that we run, with every new participant who wants to get involved.

I’m a huge fan of Ken Robinson, and he describes this curriculum and my role in its implementation perfectly when he asserts that ‘the role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas; it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel that they're valued.”

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